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Clifford Family Thank You

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, June 13th marked the five-year anniversary of Becky’s accident. Looking back, we have experienced, and have been privileged to be a part of, the selflessness and generosity extended to Becky by every one of our friends and family members. We are even more astounded by the incredible kindness of so many strangers, many who are extensions of your friends, family and co-workers.

Throughout the past five years we were fortunate to have raised funds to continue to provide support for Becky. The money raised was spent carefully on things to improve Becky’s quality of life such as a handicap accessible van, an exercise bike specially designed for people with spinal cord injuries, a 24-hour caregiver and countless other out-of-pocket expenses. We were incredibly fortunate that we were able to pay for these things, including supplemental insurance costs, insurance premiums and regular household expenses. This was all due to your past generosity. However, with no job or spousal support, and with very minimal aide from disability, Becky is left with limited means to support herself.

Like many of you, a day doesn’t go by when we don’t walk into a store or a restaurant and immediately find a designated area with a host of benefit posters put in place by friends and family members desperately seeking help for their own loved ones. We try and make a point to read each of them. And as we read, we discover heartbreaking personal stories of devastating losses and tragedies. We know all too well, there are countless others enduring personal crises of their own, which are being quietly and privately handled alone because they are either too humble to share or too proud to ask. These are some of the most profound reasons it pains us to find ourselves in the position to have to ask for your help yet again. But, we feel blessed in the comfort of knowing we have such an amazing family and the most incredible friends.

There are no words to express the overwhelming gratitude and appreciation we have for everything that you have done for Becky and our family through these difficult years. You have helped Becky and our family so much and we know you have done so without hesitation or judgment because you understand the magnitude of her injury and her stoic response to what now has become her new life. For that, Becky and our family will forever be grateful.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom” Anonymous

Thank You Most Sincerely,
The Clifford Girls